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A very wise 13 year old told me the most important thing in blogging, is to blog about what you love. I love theatre, so here we go.

I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of putting a show together. from performing, to hair and makeup design and execution, running crew, light ops, and stage managing. I love everything that goes into doing a show. But, rarely, do I sit back and look at the big picture. It is so easy to get tunnel vision when you are focusing on the one area that you are tasked with.

So, when I attended a rehearsal of the upcoming “Full Monty” I got a bird’s eye view of how everything works in a somewhat harmonious manner to produce the end result of a memorable musical.

When I entered the backdoor of the theater, the first thing I heard was an uproar of laughter. Music to my ears! I crept around the corner to find five very confident men preparing to strip down to their undies!! The laughter wasn’t because they thought the men would be humiliated, it was a supportive “You got this, bro” laughter. It was very clear that the entire cast truly enjoyed being there. soon, the intro into a song began, and out of these men’s mouths came an amazing blend of harmonies, the likes of which can only be heard when you see this show!

The song drew to a close and soon (co -director) Lisa Wood and crew appeared, and began shifting set pieces in preparation for the next scene. Jade Nicholas, answered blocking questions from the cast, and musical questions from Clint Ne​​wby. How she listened and answered everything quickly and efficiently left me speechless.

I sat in wonder watching how these two directors ran this well oiled machine. Complimenting each others directing abilities, having a shared vision of how they wanted the show to look, (the set is astonishing!) how the actors would enter, exit, and dance their way across a scene, and how the lighting  enhanced the mood of each scene, left me in complete awe.

The combination of talented actors, musicians, stage crew, lighting designers and light board operators, and choreographers will no doubt bring an excellent and memorable time the the J.L.T stage.


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