Please Email our production secretary, Carolyn McGowan, at if you or your child will NOT accept this role.  Otherwise, we’ll see you at the read-through on Monday, June 12, 7:00PM at JLT (full cast required unless excused).  Next week’s schedule will be  Emailed this Saturday.  We communicate by Email so be sure to check daily.  Thank you for auditioning.            —Jon and Angela Lowe—

    Snow White . . . . Carly Ball                  Queen . . . . Lisa Olliges Green
             Guard . . . . Gabriel Hershewe           Huntsman . . . . Lucas Crawford
                        Prince . . . . Tanner Munson

Dwarfs:  AJ Forsythe, James Wheeler, Colby Mastson, Cade Sinclair, Joey Friel,
                    Justice Stiffler, Logan Earll
Punk Skunks:  Elliot Wheeler, Brooks Watson, Colton White, Kylan Corcoran, 
                   James Coots, Barron Trim, Bennett Blood, Harry Houston
Bunnies:  Melia Carroll, Adelyn West, Jozelyn Morton, Mary Rose Boschee,
                    Emma Moore, Kenzie Cook, Merit Rosenow, Natalie Riesenmy,
                    Bianca Gubera, Penelope Baird
Butterflies:  Kennedy Schwab (TBA…need conflicts), Allison Pitts, Maddi Forsythe,
                    AJ White, Carly Friel, Anna Corcoran, Bailey Peeples, Via Dennis
Junior Flowers: Sydney Lamb, Abigail Gilbert, Kaylin Owens, Kaylynn Damrill,
                    Addison Carroll, Noelani Howard
Senior Flowers:  Danni Wendleton, Ella Schwab (TBA…need conflicts), Ellie Miller,
                   Paisley Freund, Samantha Walker, Maggie Renburg
Possible Casting (need auditions sheets):  Ann Marie Wright,
                                                                                          Jessica Joseph and sister

Note to those not cast:  
Thank you for coming to auditions.  Jon and Angela appreciate your time and effort.
Choices were very difficult with so much talent.  Conflicts and younger ages were a big
reason for not being cast.            Please Come Back To JLT!!


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