Director Chet Fritz announces the cast for I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.
Production dates:  December 13-17, 2017.  

Howard – Neal Ruggeberg
Norma – Marilyn Marshall-Miller
Angie – Samantha Walker
Micky – Joey Friel
Danny – Gage Schemet
Lil – Amanda Powell
Sid – Bill Roehling
Jerry Brainerd – Bill Welsh
Newscaster – Wally Bloss
Olivia Orange – Annette Nethery
Frankie Donatello – Lorenzo M.R.
Stella Ashton – Rebecca Ensor
Louise Van Dell – Anita Tally
Ricardo Fortsando – Peter Blomgren
Radio actors – Travis Hurley, Wayne Harris, Leecia Bloss
The Chorus: Peter Blomgren, Crystal Blomgren, Leecia Bloss,
Wally Bloss, Anson Burlingame, Rebecca Ensor, Erika Hull,
Hank Hull, Lorenzo M.R., Mindy Miller, Annette Nethery,  
Beth  Styron,  Anita Tally, Cathy Welsh,  Spencer Vreelan

Director is Chet Fritz; Shannon and Karl Wendt are directing the radio show
portions; Cecie Fritz is Musical Director; Tegan Whited is General Assistant

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