Tickets on sale for our next show.
     Written by Donald Bevan and Edmund Trcinski and directed for JLT by Tegan Whited, this high energy, powerful play is a combination of drama, much comic relief and exposing the reality of a situation where men are forced together in extremely unpleasant situations.  This is a story of a group of American servicemen in a
German prison camp during World War II.  The prisoners are constantly
trying to escape, much to the embarrassment and irritation of their captors. 
While there are undertones of deceit and sabotage, the dominant tone of the play is lusty comedy, combined at all times with the excitement and
tension of the most holding sort of suspense. 
Caution:  minimal strong language.
    STALAG 17 
production dates:  March 27-31, 2019

Tickets available by calling the JLT boxoffice
during regular office hours or
online at
Adults: $18; Seniors (55/up & students) $15;
Children 12 and under $8 (parental discretion)
Due to the intense nature of the play,  it is not recommended for children

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