AUDITIONS 2018-2019




A drama-comedy by Neil Simon
Auditions:  Monday & Tuesday, June 3 & 4, 7:00pm at JLT
Directed by Greg Swartz
Performance dates:  July 24-28, 2019
When teenage brothers Arty and Jay are forced to move in with their strict, German grandmother, their childlike aunt and their gangster uncle, they can’t help but feel a little lost.  Filled with laughter, tears and insight, Neil Simon’s Pulitzer Prize winning play explores themes of family, independence, courage and the complex relationships people have with those they love.
Audition Packets will be available Monday, May 6
during office hours or requested via email.
(417 623-3638 – Open Mon-Thu, 9:00am-2:00pm)
Packets will contain a scene or monologue from the play which the director will ask you to perform.  It is not necessary to memorize it, but you may if you wish.  There will also be cold readings of additional scenes.  The director recommends you familiarize yourself with the entire play, to better understand the characters and situations beforehand.  You may attend either or both of the two audition sessions.
Character Descriptions:
Grandma Kurnitz: 50-70 years old. The hard-as steel matriarch.  She loves her family, but coldly keeps her emotions hidden.  (Must speak with a German accent)
Bella:  30-40 years old.  Grandma’s sweet, simple daughter, whose childhood traumas left her emotionally and mentally arrested.  She struggles to gain her independence.
Eddie:  30-40 years old.  Bella’s kind, yet cautious older brother, a recent widower, uncomfortably estranged from his mother.
Jay: 15-16 years old.  Eddie’s upright eldest son.  Timid, yet anxious to prove he’s ready to grow up.
Arty:  12-13 years old.  Jay’s precocious younger brother.  Sometimes childish, but wise and witty beyond his years.
Uncle Louie:  30-40 years old.  Eddie’s smart-mouthed, small-time gangster brother.  Quick-tempered and fiercely protective of his family.
Aunt Gert:  30-40 years old.  Bella’s sister.  Quiet, yet with a uniquely unusual speech impediment.

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