When will auditions for the next show be held?

Auditions are generally held the Monday and Tuesday evenings immediately following the close of the previous show. However, due to scheduling conflicts or other special circumstances, this may not always be the case.

The best thing to do is watch this site for announcements of auditions.

Where are auditions held?

Unless otherwise noted in the audition announcement, auditions are held at the Park Playhouse (JLT building) at 3009 West 1st Street.

What or how do I need to prepare?

Since every show and every director is different, preparing for an audition should be based on the information provided in the audition announcement.  Some directors like prepared readings; others do not.

There are some general tips, however:
* arrive early
* be ready
* be confident
* be patient

How are people notified if they've been cast?

Each director has different styles.  Some directors prefer to post the cast list online and point everyone to that.  Other directors like to call each cast member personally.  In any case, the cast list will be posted to our website once the director has given approval to do so.  We generally try to get the list posted within a week or so after auditions are closed.

How often is the cast required to rehearse?

That really depends on a variety of factors. Directors determine who is in each scene, and then try to group scenes/actors so that they can make the best use of time. For instance, if an actor is only in two scenes, they typically won't have to show up on nights where other scenes are rehearsed. Once the show progresses to a certain point, all actors are required.