A lot of activity going on at JLT through December and January.  It became necessary, for the safety of all concerned working onstage at JLT, that the entire rigging system be replaced.  This project has been in the works for over a year and has finally come to the point that the workmen are here and doing all necessary to give us a safe and secure place to prepare the great shows our audiences expect from us.  This final preparation required that the stage be COMPLETELY emptied to the bare walls and ceiling.  Many people have been involved in accomplishing this amazing feat – but it has been accomplished and is on its way.  This has also required raising funds to cover the costs.  As everyone well knows, the best estimates always go over the amount anticipated.  We will still gratefully accept any donation you may wish to make to help us out.
            Because of the necessity of this work, we have had to reschedule LOST IN YONKERS, which was originally set for January 30-February 3, 2019.  The new production dates are July 24-28, 2019, with auditions being June 3 & 4, 2019.  We are hoping this doesn’t inconvenience anyone – we had no choice.
           All season ticket holders will have the same seats as originally reserved – just at a different date.  If there are any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to call Cecie at the JLT office – 417 623-3638.  We will work out anything that may be needed.

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It’s the day of the show, ya’ll

Being a part of community is something that we all are, whether we know it or not. And for 76 years now the 4-State community has supported the ongoing efforts of Joplin Little Theatre.

Our 75th season was a roaring success, with an opening show boasting 50+ cast members, to ending the season with the show that started it all! We celebrate those whose past efforts have made this theatre what it is, by restoring the lobby floor to the design honoring donors from 1992. We will soon begin creating new ways to thank people and shows, with the placement of a beautiful tile mural on our lobby wall. Thank you to all of you who were involved in this past season, one way or another. We couldn’t have done it without! Much love and gratitude to you all!

Looking ahead to our 76th season is thrilling, as we begin a new chapter in Joplin Little Theatre history. Our directors are excited to be offering shows that have never graced the stage at Joplin Little Theatre. We can barely wait for The Full Monty! It opens our season with gusto and there are still tickets available! You do not want to miss this jaw dropping performance.

From classics like One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest to new kids on the block like Other Desert Cities, this will be an astonishing season of firsts gracing the J.L.T stage. Thank you for coming along on the ride with us and if not for your support and applause, none of this would be possible.

We want everyone in the community to “COME OUT & PLAY”!


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RE:Theatre | The Full Monty


A very wise 13 year old told me the most important thing in blogging, is to blog about what you love. I love theatre, so here we go.

I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of putting a show together. from performing, to hair and makeup design and execution, running crew, light ops, and stage managing. I love everything that goes into doing a show. But, rarely, do I sit back and look at the big picture. It is so easy to get tunnel vision when you are focusing on the one area that you are tasked with.

So, when I attended a rehearsal of the upcoming “Full Monty” I got a bird’s eye view of how everything works in a somewhat harmonious manner to produce the end result of a memorable musical.

When I entered the backdoor of the theater, the first thing I heard was an uproar of laughter. Music to my ears! I crept around the corner to find five very confident men preparing to strip down to their undies!! The laughter wasn’t because they thought the men would be humiliated, it was a supportive “You got this, bro” laughter. It was very clear that the entire cast truly enjoyed being there. soon, the intro into a song began, and out of these men’s mouths came an amazing blend of harmonies, the likes of which can only be heard when you see this show!

The song drew to a close and soon (co -director) Lisa Wood and crew appeared, and began shifting set pieces in preparation for the next scene. Jade Nicholas, answered blocking questions from the cast, and musical questions from Clint Ne​​wby. How she listened and answered everything quickly and efficiently left me speechless.

I sat in wonder watching how these two directors ran this well oiled machine. Complimenting each others directing abilities, having a shared vision of how they wanted the show to look, (the set is astonishing!) how the actors would enter, exit, and dance their way across a scene, and how the lighting  enhanced the mood of each scene, left me in complete awe.

The combination of talented actors, musicians, stage crew, lighting designers and light board operators, and choreographers will no doubt bring an excellent and memorable time the the J.L.T stage.


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Directed by Jade Nicholas & Lisa Wood

Jerry Lukowski – Barry Arwood

Nathan Lukowski – Wyatt Hensley

Pam Lukowski – Breana Clark

Teddy Slaughter – Sam Burnside

Dave Bukatinsky – Doug Musick

Harold Nichols – Ricardo Field

Vicki Nichols – Marilyn Marshall-Miller

Malcolm MacGregor – Alex Chesney

Molly MacGregor – Deb Leggett

Ethan Girard – Skylar Watson

Jeanette Burnmeister – Carolyn McGowan

Buddy (Keno) Walsh – Connor Barnett

Reg Willoughby – Kyle Jacobs

Tony Giordano – Frank Reiter

Estelle Genovese – Cassandra Bartlett

Susan Hershey – Zoe Musick

Joanie Lish – Angela Beal

Georgie – Gina Robbins


Kyle Newby, Jason Leggett, Karensue Hensley, Sarah Leggett, Gary Roney.

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The 2015 Rocky Horror Show Cast

CAST LIST FOR 2015 “The Rocky Horror Show”

Directed by Lisa Wood, Produced by Whitewood Theatrics

Frank N Furter…..Barry Arwood
Rocky….Triston Shepherd
Eddie….Kevin Loar
Riff Raff….Seth Killion
Narrator/Dr. Scott…..Jeff Wilkins
Janet…. Sara “Abby” Vickers
Usherette……Zoe Musick
Columbia….Flannery Provins
Brad….Brayden Provins
Magenta….Kaye Lewis
Phantom Chorus:
Jason Leggett
Ethan Settle
Tyeshaun Massey
Aaron Lawson
Maria Howe
Veronica Wynhausen
Hannah McNutt
Sarah Bryant
Jacy Beeler
Kendric Carlock
Chrisitne Kessler

The 1st read-thru is Sunday, August 30th here at the theatre (J.L.T)

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