JLT Summer

VERY Busy Summer at JLT, leading off with performances of SHREK, THE MUSICAL, opening Wednesday, May 30 and running through Sunday, June 3.  In anticipation of the large crowd that will want to see this show we have added another performance – Saturday, June 2, 2:30pm.  That gives us two matinees, Saturday and Sunday, plus the regular evening shows at 7:30pm, Wednesday through Saturday.  Ticket sales are already very heavy.  The first five or six rows of most of the shows are already sold.  DON’T BE LEFT OUT!!  Call the box office, 417 623-3638 for reservations, or click on the Blue Box in upper right that says ‘”BUY TICKETS” to make your reservations online.
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                                      AUDITIONS FOR ANYTHING GOES 
                               Monday & Tuesday, June 11 & 12,  7:00pm at JLT

                                    A Splashy Cole Porter musical with singing, dancing 
                                      and comical characters that keep the action going.
                                      Needed 12 women (18-40+) and 17 men (18-40+)
                         Singers will need 16 measures of song in the style of the show.
                                          Dancers bring your dancing shoes (and tap)
                                       Performance dates: October 3-7, 2018
(See details below)

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                   CHILDREN’S SUMMER WORKSHOP – in its 25th year!!
Two different weeks with two sessions per day.  Many performers on our stage and others in the area got their start in our Children’s Summer Workshop. Don’t miss it!
                                                           (See details below) 

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Monday & Tuesday, June 25 & 26, 7:00pm at JLT
  Need  !! Jugglers !! Ventriloquists !! Magicians !! Singers !!
  !! Dancers !! Acrobats !! Mimes !!  Animal Acts !! MORE !!
            Bring Your Specialty!!
Also need young actors ages 18 and under
for the Melodrama – at least 20 boys/girls
There will be readings from the script.
Performance dates: July 25-29, 2018

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Auditions:  Monday & Tuesday, June 25 & 26
                                 7:00 at JLT

AN OLD-FASHIONED MELODRAMA:  Looking for young actors ages 18 and under – at least 20 boys/girls.  There will be cold readings from the script.

VAUDEVILLE VARIETY SHOW:  Acts open to all ages.  Do you have a special talent?  Come with a 3-minute prepared audition.
                                                             **Mime**Animal Act** 
                 Open Auditions – Use Your Imagination — Bring Your Speciality
Performance Dates:  July 25, 26, 27 – 7:00PM; July 28 & 29 – 2:30PM

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Auditions  for ANYTHING GOES, the opening show of the 2018-2019 season.
                       Monday & Tuesday, June 11 & 12, 2018, 7:00pm at JLT.
                                               Directed by BECKI ARNALL

Action takes place on a cruise ship in the 1920s-1930s, which has a comically colorful assemblage of passengers.   Full of singing, dancing and farcical antics,  Anything Goes was first presented at JLT in 1969.  It is still a very 
popular and crowd pleasing show.

Needed are 12 women and 17 men, ages 18-40+, plus
an expandable singing/dancing ensemble (18+)
Audition participants are asked to prepare 16 measures of music in
a similar style (nothing from the show, please).  There will be dancing
and cold readings, so dress appropriately – bring dance shoes 
(including tap).  Be prepared to list all rehearsal conflicts.

Performance dates:  October 3-7, 2018
Rehearsal times:  Tuesday & Thursday evenings, June through
first week in August for choreography.  Fall rehearsal times will be
determined, based on casting availability.

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Another Summer of GREAT FUN!!
Under the direction of Tegan Whited,
with a very capable staff of assistants.
Students will learn all aspects of putting on a production.
They build their own costumes, props and set.  They learn about
lighting, sound and make-up.  At the end of each week the
students perform a short play.  
Family and friends are invited to attend this performance.

WEEK ONE:  June 25-29, 2018.  Sessions at 9:00am and 1:00pm.
               “WHODUNNIT” – A band of thieves steal prized jewels.  Detectives
work hard to find them.  They are captured, but escape!!  Private investigators
are called in to help with the case.  Will they figure out “Whodunnit”?!?!
WEEK TWO:  July 9-13, 2018.  Sessions at 9:00am and 1:00pm.
              “HELLO, HOLLYWOOD” – A group of Hollywood actors are attending 
the premiere of their latest film.  When they try to leave the premiere, they are
surrounded by crazy fans and the paparazzi.  They ask their special effects
friends to create a diversion so they can get away!!

Cost is $65.00 per session, per child
You may register now by clicking the blue “Buy Tickets”
and following format.  Or call the JLT box office, 417 623-3638
during regular office hours posted.

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From Director James Boone

We had a large turn out for the Shrek Auditions…85 people…This was such a blessing so many people want to be involved in the arts in our community. We want to thank everyone who came out and auditioned and we hope you will come out and audition for more productions at JLT.

Here is the casting of Shrek The Musical at JLT 2018!

Shrek…Jack Briggs
Donkey…Lorenzo Rodriguez
Princess Fiona…Loren Tipping
Ogress Fiona…Chandler Johnson
Lord Farquaad…Karl Wendt
Pinocchio/Puppeteer…Rhonda Palmer
Sticks Pig/Bishop…Angel Hernadez
Bricks Pig/Puppeteer…Courtney Kissee
Straw Pig/Papa Ogre…Samuel Jamison
Papa Bear/Knight…Josh Mullin
Mama Bear/Dragon Doo Wop…Kylee Van Horn
Baby Bear/Puppeteer…Cade Sinclair
Humpty Dumpty/Mama Ogre…Grace Roush
Big Bad Wolf/King Herold…Noah Murdock
Shoemakers Elf/Blind Mouse…Becky Jones
Fairy Godmother/Blue Bird…Tracy Fisher
Mad Hatter/Pipe Piper…K.C. Brockman
Peter Pan/Knight…Katelyn Pursley
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy…Jeannine Crawford
Ugly Duckling/Blind Mouse…Hunter Mullin
White Rabbit/Voice of Dragon…Kimberly Arzoian
Wicked Witch/Queen Lillian…Shannon Wendt
Mob/Thelonius/Dulocian/Choir/Puppeteer…Rory Ellington
Mob/Captain of the Guards/Dulocian/Choir/Puppeteer…Stephanie Marsh
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Dragon Doo Wop/Choir/Puppeteer…Kate Marcoux
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Dragon Doo Wop/Choir/Puppeteer…Jamie Strong
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Knight/Choir…Gloria Southard
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Knight/Choir…Bobbie Vorrasi
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Knight/Choir…Lauren Riddle
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Choir/Crown Bearer…Livvie Riddle
Mob/Guard/Dulocian/Choir/Lantern Holder…Zachary Jones
Group A…
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Kennady Schwab
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Emma Moore
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Anna Cocoran
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Amelia Parker
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Mary Parker
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Kaden Eidem
Mob/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Finale…Anasasia Stwyer
Group B…
Walter/Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Anne Marie Wright
Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Elliott Parker
Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Via Dennis
Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Ella Scwab
Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Vivian Holt
Dulocian/Rat/Fairytale Creature-Freak Flag…Allison Pitts
Group C…
Young Shrek/Puppeteer/Dwarf…Maddie Forsythe
Teen Fiona/Blind Mouse…Karley Jones
Young Fiona/Tinkerbell…Adeline Sullivan
Again, thank you to everyone who came out to auditions. Thank you to my production crew for all the help with auditions.
James Boone
Director Shrek The Musical
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Auditions: Shrek, the Musical

Greater Tuna was a HUGE success.  Patrons left with a smile on their faces.Now we move on to auditions for SHREK: THE MUSICAL.  Tonight and tomorrow night, Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 26 & 27, 7:00PM at JLT.  We’re looking forward to a very large turnout and and great production under the direction of James Boone.  Scroll down for complete information on auditions.

Tickets are on sale right now for this show.  AND it is going to be a sell-out!  Don’t wait – get your reservations in NOW!!

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