Joplin Little Theatre presents “August: Osage County”


Joplin Little Theatre is proud to announce the cast of our next production, “August: Osage County”, directed by Todd Manley.

BEVERLY WESTON – Anson Burlingame
VIOLET WESTON – Linda Bailey

BARBARA FORDHAM – Lisa Olliges-Green
BILL FORDHAM – Brad Stefanoni
JEAN FORDHAM – Mollie Sanders

IVY WESTON – Ashley Trotnic

KAREN WESTON – Misty Hammer



The director and Joplin Little Theatre wish to thank all of the many TALENTED people who tried out and strongly encourage you to audition for us, again!

Joplin Little Theatre’s production of “August: Osage County” will run February 1st through 5th.

*This production contains mature themes and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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“A Christmas Story: The Musical” tickets

Unfortunately, there has been an error with the website selling our tickets. We hope this will be remedied, soon, but for now, tickets can be purchased by clicking the link below.
Joplin Little Theatre’s production of “A Christmas Story: The Musical” will debut this Wednesday, December 14th, and run through Sunday, December 18th. (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww NULL.showclix

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Date change for “A Christmas Story: The Musical”

Please note the new date!

A Christmas Story: The Musical will debut Wednesday, December 14th and run through Sunday, December 18th. If you already have reservations, they have been automatically transferred to the respective day the next week. If you need to change the date you have reservations, please contact the box office during operating hours at 417-623-3638 as soon as possible. Purchase tickets online at
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to bringing you “A Christmas Story: The Musical” this holiday season!


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Joplin Little Theatre announces the cast of “A Christmas Story: The Musical”


14522854_10154520555318582_8031244094522080353_nJean Shepherd _ Karl R. Wendt
Ralphie _ Grant Horinek
Mother _ Breanna Clark
Randy _ Elliot Parker
The Old Man _ James Boone
Schwartz _ Wyatt Hensley
Flick _ Joey Friel
Esther Jane _  Alyssa Graves
Mary Beth _ Jessica Joseph
Scut Farkus _  Avery Forsythe
Grover Dill _ Luke Galbraith
Miss Shields _ Kelly Musick
Flick’s Mother _ Julie Sinclair
Santa _ Richard Roberts
Schwartz’s Mother _ Sherry Noller
Nurse _ Lisa Blumberg
Doctor _ Robert Myers
Mary Parker, Clayton Dennis, Daniel Franklin Reiter III, Ella Schwab, Justice Stiffler, Derak Noller, Emelia Campbell, Emily Graves, Vivian Holt, Kolby Maton, Brayden Coots, Maddi Forsythe, Cory Friel, Cade Sinclair
Town’s Kids/Santa Kids
Brooks Watson, Amelia Parker, Kennedy Schwab, James Coot
Elf#1/Leg Lamp/Tap Line/Can Can Girl _ Klaire Hardy
Elf#2/Leg Lamp/Tap Line/Can Can Girl _ Lisa Lumberg
Elf#3/Leg Lamp/Tap Line/Can Can Girl _ Flannery Provins
Elf#4/Prairie Ensemble/Higby’s, Town’sPerson _ Livvie Riddle
Elf#5/Prairie Ensemble/Higby’s, Town’sPerson _ Lauren Riddle
Elf#6/Leg Lamp/Tap Line/Can Can Girl _ Destinee Fowler
Elf#7/Leg Lamp/Tap Line/Can Can Girl _ Veronica Wynhausen
Prairie Ensemble/Higby’s, Town’sPerson _ McKenna Fry
Prairie Ensemble/Higby’s, Town’sPerson _ Samantha Walker
Town’sMom/Higby’s/Town’sPerson _ Julie Sinclair
Town’sMom/Higby’s/Town’sPerson _ Cherie Riley
Town’sMom/Higby’s/Town’sPerson _ Sherry Noller
Townman/Major Awards Man/Higby’s/Villain
_ Robert Myers
Townman/Major Awards Man/Higby’s/Villain/Robber _ Spencer Ureeland
Townman/Major Awards Man/Higby’s/Robber/Fireman _ William Bell
Townman/Major Awards Man/Higby’s/Villain/Policeman _ Kyle Newby

Thank you to ALL who auditioned!

1st read through will be October 6th at 6pm at Joplin Little Theatre.

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RENT, September 21-25, 2016

UPDATE: RENT has sold out! We apologize for the inconvenience. rent-posterTickets are on sale now for JLT’s season’s opening musical!


RENT ….book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson.

Joplin Little Theatre presents Jonathan Larson’s revolutionary pop-rock opera Rent September 21 through 25, 2016. After appearing in many JLT roles as an actor, Ashley Trotnic is directing her first show at JLT with this legendary musical of the 90s.  Her musical directors are Kathy Nenandal and Breana Clark and Kaye Lewis is choreographing.  

Rent is the cutting-edge musical that electrified a whole generation of theater goers. Rent tells the story of seven friends in the AIDS-ravaged New York City of the 1990s: Roger, Mimi, Tom, Angel, Maureen, Joanne and Mark share their struggle to support themselves and celebrate their lives in spite of the crises that confront them, from shifting romantic entanglements to preserving their artistic integrity to the life-and-death struggle with a disease that is threatening almost everyone they know.    The show contains mature themes and strong language.

The principal cast is comprised of Cody Vaughn as Angel Dumott Schunard, Tanner Munson as Mark Cohen, Dale Clark as Roger Davis, Mackenzie Christensen as Mimi Marquez, Megan Reed as Maureen Johnson, Kylee VanHorn as Joanne Jefferson, Ricardo Field as Tom Collins, and Barry Arwood as Benjamin Coffin III. The cast is rounded out by a chorus including James Boone, Alex Chesney, Jade Nicholas, Michaela West, Abbi Eperson, Becki Arnall, Meghan Thomas, Marilyn Marshall Miller, Kevin Loar,            Jamie Strong, Susie Lundy, Sean Botts, Jack Briggs, Joshua Lee Pruss, Allison Dodge, Lauden Baker,    Saydi Ogden, Kaden Wimmer and Allison Black.

RENT is presented through special arrangements with Music Theatre International.  

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The Rocky Horror Show

rockyhorrorscJoplin Little Theatre is proud to announce the cast of WhiteWood Theatrics‘ 4th annual production of The Rocky Horror Show!

Criminologist/Narrator– Rich Roberts

Usherette– Megan Reed

Brad Majors– Austin Abernathy

Janet Weiss– Betsy STone

Riff-Raff– Barry Arwood

Columbia– Klaire Hardy

Magenta– Dusty Douglas

Dr. Scott- Kevin Loar

Rocky– Tyeshaun Massey

Frank-N-Furter– Alex Chesney

Eddie– Jeremy Bright

Phantoms– Veronica Wynhaussen, Maria Howe, Lisa Blumberg, Joycelyne VanDorien, Set Killion, Ethan Settle, Dakota Rash, & Carl Jacob Hall

Transylvanians– Abby Vickers, Christine Bright, Kendra Switzer, Jane Moore, & Megan Jozwiak

The Rocky Horror Show will run October 27th-29th.



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