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Ticket Policies

Joplin Little Theatre has three types of tickets: Single, Season Subscription, and FlexPass.  These three types are explained below with pricing information  and policies.

Single Ticket Prices: 

Adults – $18                                                         To All Military                                                                                                 Veterans:
Student/Senior – $15                                       On Wednesdays                                                                                                   only
Children Under 12 – $8                                   (opening nights) – 
                                                                              tickets for veterans                                                                                   and one companion
                                                                                     – $13  per person

Subscription Ticket Prices: (sold prior to each season)
                              $75 Adult – $65 Senior (55 and up) – $125 Patron
Season Subscriptions are sold prior to the beginning of each season (typically in June and July) and entitles the holder to one ticket for each of the five productions offered in the season.   Patrons are issued a ticket for the same seat on the same day for each production.  Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Subscriptions can be purchased up to the opening night of the first show of the season.  Tickets are non-refundable – however, they may be exchanged.

FlexPass Prices: (sold at any time)
        3-Tkt-Pass:  Adult $51; Senior/Student $42
               5-Tkt-Pass:  Adult $80; Senior/Student $70
FlexPasses give you complete ticket flexibility – you decide which show you wish to attend and when.   FlexPasses must be purchased at the JLT box office, either by coming in or by phone.  They cannot be booked online.  Once purchased you must call the JLT box office to make reservations for the show(s) you wish to attend and  inform the reservationist you are using a FlexPass.  The FlexPasses must be presented at the box office in order to receive tickets for admission.  FlexPasses are non-refundable.

Life Memberships: 
            $1500 (sold at any time)
Lifetime Memberships are a special way to support Joplin Little Theatre.  For a one-time donation of $1,500 you’ll receive two tickets for each show of the regular season FOR LIFE!  You will be recognized in the program for each show. 

All Single, Season or FlexPass sales at JLT are final and may not be refunded.  Season ticket holders may exchange tickets only if their tickets have been left at the JLT box office.  Tickets must be in the office in order to be exchanged.   JLT will refund tickets ONLY if the theatre is unable to present a performance due to fire, flood, lack of power, unsafe situation inside the theatre or any other act of God that makes presenting the performance impossible.  Snow, ice, rain or any other kind of weather will not cancel a performance unless something prevents the performance from being presented.  Therefore, if a ticket holder decides not to attend a performance due to these types of conditions, the ticket will not be refunded.