Season show revision

Due to a conflict in licensing rights, Joplin Little Theatre is unable to
present A Christmas Story as planned.  We are replacing this production with
an equally popular Christmas play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
Production dates remain the same – December 10-14, 2014.

As always, Joplin Little Theatre continues to strive to bring you
quality, live performances.  Occasionally adjustments need to be made,
but in the tradition of theatre THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
We will continue to celebrate our upcoming
75th Anniversary Season.

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A musical comedy by Sandy Wilson
Directed by Carolyn McGowan

July 30-Aug 3, 2014

     Set against the backdrop of the French Riviera, this romantic spoof of 1920′s musical comedies tells the story of English heiress, Polly, who is longing for only one thing:  a boyfriend.  Polly’s father, convinced any boy who isn’t wealthy will court Polly strictly for her money, forbids her to engage any potential suitors.  Honoring his wishes, Polly explains to Tony, the messenger boy with whom she’s fallen in love, that she is no rich girl.  This is just the tip of the mistaken identity iceberg as love proceeds to charmingly find its way through nearly every member of the cast and bring them all to a happy ending.
This production is an essential Golden Age musical  Filled to the brim with tongue-in-cheek moments that both parents and grandparents will find hysterical.  With a catchy score, dance numbers, comedy and mix-ups, this cast of almost 40 will entertain you.  This show is suitable for all ages.

Ticket prices for musicals:  Adults $15; Seniors/Students $13;
Children 12 and under $6

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89 people came out for the 4 scheduled auditions.
Singers, dancers, children, teens
Everything that is needed to cast this BIG
Musical Revue.

Now the directors want to take their time in casting, so as to
put each person in the spot that will make them look their best.
As the auditioneers were notified during auditions, it may take up to
two weeks for the final decisions.

The directors, Bill Perry, Carolyn McGowan, Cecie Fritz,
Angela Lowe and Heather Briley, thank each person who auditioned for coming.
We will be in touch with you as soon as the final decisions are made.

Keep supporting Joplin Little Theatre.


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75th Anniversary Season, 2014-2015


Opening with a tribute to the musicals presented at JLT
over the past many season; closing with a repeat performance of
the very first play produced in 1939.

Please click on the “75th Anniversary Season” link for full
details on these shows.

Please click on “Tickets” to order tickets online

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Saturday, June 7, 2014
Hosted by Gretchen Bolander, KODE-TV

Over one hundred people attended this celebration of the 2013-2014 season of Joplin Little Theatre.  The shows being honored were:
Gypsy,  directed by Greg Swartz
Miracle on 34th Street, directed by Lisa Olliges Green
The Mousetrap, directed by Kevin Babbitt
Murder at the Howard Johnson’s, directed by Jade Nicholas
The Andrews Brothers, directed by Carolyn McGowan

Director’s Choice:
Presented by the director of each show, recognizing
outstanding work of back stage personnel.
Gypsy - Karen Eckhardt
Miracle on 34th Street - Eric Jackson
The Mousetrap - Debbie Leggett
Murder at the Howard Johnson’s - Lacy Smith-Baum
The Andrews’s Brothers - Lucinda Copeland

Best Costume Design – Travis Whited, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Scenic Design – Gary Roney & Randy Alshire, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Lighting Design – Tony Flint, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Hair/Make-up – Gwen Leggott, Murder at the Howard Johnson’s
Best Special Effects – Tony Flint, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Props Design - Brenda Jackson, Murder at the Howard Johnson’s
Best Ensemble Cast -Trey Burkhart, Alex Chesney, Tanner Munson,
Emma Claybrook, The Andrews Brothers

Best Vocal Direction – Matthew Holt, The Andrews Brothers
Best Instrumental Direction – Clint Newby, The Andrews Brothers
Best ChoreographyKaye Lewis, Gypsy
Best Musical Number – Hula Wana-Hini Medley, The Andrews Brothers

Best Supporting Actress in a Play – Anne Marie Wright, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Supporting Actor in a Play – Greg Green, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Supporting Actress in a Musical – Lindsey Daniels, Gypsy
Best Supporting Actor in a Musical – Andrew McGowan, Gypsy

Best Actress in a Play – Marilyn Marshall-Six, Murder at the Howard Johnson’s
Best Actor in a Play – Chet Fritz, Miracle on 34th Street
Best Actress in a Musical – Lisa Green, Gypsy
Best Actor in a Musical – Kenny Timbrel, Gypsy

Best Play - Miracle on 34th Street, Lisa Green, Director
Best Musical - The Andrews Brothers, Carolyn McGowan, Director

The Newcomer Award was presented to Roscoe Miller.
Carrie Wilkinson, President Angel Guild, presented the
Cherub Awards to McKenna Shaw and Andrew McGowan.

Musical numbers presented:
‘Gotta Have a Gimmick’ from Gypsy with Marilyn Marshall-Six,
Kelly Musick, Jade Nicholas
‘On a Slow Boat to China’ from The Andrews Brothers with
Emma Claybrook and Alex Chesney
‘I Can Make You A Man’ from The Rocky Horror Show with
James Zerkel and Drew Girouard
‘I Could Be Happy With You’ from The Boy Friend with
Lindsey Daniels and Forrest Bunter

The Encore Committee:
Dave Woods, Chairman; Kim Newby; Belinda Belk;
Lindsey Hayes
The Encore Celebration is presented by the Joplin Little Theatre
Board of Directors

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Cast Announced



The Adults
Mme Dubonnet  -  -  -  Becky Seidl

Percival Brown  -  -  -  Ricardo Field
Hortense  -  -  -  Denna Reid
Lord Brockhurst  -  -  -  Matt Myers
Lady Brockhurst  -  -  -  Kelly Purser

The Students
Polly  -  -  -  Lindsey Daniels

Tony  -  -  -  Forrest Bunter
Maisie  -  -  -  Bailey Park
Bobby  -  -  -  Ross Bruns
Dulcie  -  -  -  Chelsie Jefferies
Alphonse  -  -  -  Jacob West
Fay  -  -  -  Zoe Musick
Marcel  -  -  -  Kyle Newby
Nancy  -  -  -  Darby Gillman
Pierre  -  -  -  Alex Chesney

The Chorus
Emma Claybrook,  Shelby Bryant,  Klaire Hardy,

Megan Thomas, Jason Leggett, Sam Burnside,
Ethan Settle, Megan Kichins, Ashlee Mora

Performance dates:  July 30-August 3, 2014

Tickets are on sale now.  This is sure to be another sell-out show
at JLT.  Please get your reservations in early.

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